Radio Ramblings


The Invention of the Radio

Learn who invented the wireless radio



Learn about the history of the wireless radio. 


Maritime Applications

Learn how wireless technology revolutionized maritime communication. 

St Roch

Learn about wireless innovations aboard the St. Roch.  

Images from top: 

1901, Electrical engineer/inventor Guglielmo Marconi operating apparatus similar to that used by him to transmit first wireless signal across Atlantic. Digital image,, accessed January 26, 2021. <> 

D.E. Parkes at Coppermine with his HAM radio equipment. VMM item number HCRE-30-18. 

Radio equipment aboard the St. Roch. VMM item number HSIN-30-02. 

Radio operator, Glen Sargent, standing by the bow of the St. Roch. VMM item number HCRO-40-59.

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